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The fourth installment in the series, practically named "Four" and features four songs. After the previous three albums I decided to try something new, the result being a mostly electronic album with some electric guitars, bass, vocals and exotic instruments.

The opening track "69." (pronounced "sixthy-nine dot") is a totally electronic instrumental in 69 bpm. I just finished watching the first season of "Stranger Things" and was really inspired by the heavy synths and amazing score and wanted to do something like it.

"Jupiter" is a massive and heavy song based on a single chord progression. It is like drone, going on and on and building itself up to a climax. The lyrics are about an astronaut who gets caught in Jupiter's gravitational pull and crashes into the planet... Some neat psychedelic doom effects on the vocals here, trying my best to make it sound like an astronaut wandering on the surface on the planet, and the music being the destructive force that tears him down.

"Dark Matter" is some short, bizarre and proggy goodness in 7/8. It is based around a single riff, which acts as the backbone of the song, never going away. Much like dark matter.

"Thoughts of Tomorrow's Past" is a song about dreams and shit. Yes, the intro is meant to sound like "Comfortably Numb", and all in all it's just another brick in the wall.


released April 4, 2017

Music and words by Daniel Lunde.

Keyboads, synths, drum samples, bass, guitar and vocals all played and sung by Daniel Lunde.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Lunde for a fully control-freak experience.



all rights reserved


Liquid Eye Bergen, Norway

Space. That's what it's all about.

Space and beards, to be precise.

Yeah... Seems about right.

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Track Name: Jupiter
In the middle of a storm you’re taking me away
Pulling me closer, riding on the waves
I’m far from home, there’s no way to return
Bound forever, entering your world

The ship is broken, crashed into the ground
Communication is down
In this unexplored world
I am all alone

Take a leap of faith
And slide out from the capsule
The first step man will ever take
On this isolated planet

Clouds confine me, I cannot see far
The cold is stinging in my bones
This rough weather that confronts me
Is all but more than I can take

Stumbling to find shelter in the dark
Walking though the winds
My suit is torn and tattered
And oxygen is running low
Track Name: Dark Matter
Eternal black - empty spaces
Ethereal mind - expanding vastness
Nothing is all, the void is crowded
Filled to the brim - a body of elements